Permanent Make Up

Permanent Makeup

Permanent make-up is a real time -saver for today’s busy woman. School runs, work and various other commitments mean women do not have time to spare to apply make-up in the morning. Permanent make-up is the perfect solution. It means you can forget about make-up and get on with your life. It lasts all day and is 100% weather, swim and workout proof. Permanent make-up not only emphasizes your features, it can correct flaws; it can change the shape of your eyebrows, open up your eyes, broaden your lips and add colour.

For example, if you have thin grey lips, permanent make-up can give your lips a healthy rosy hue, while adding a natural full look. Many people confuse permanent make-up with tattooing, but it is a completely different process, shallowly injecting pigments into the top epidermis layer. Women get symmetry of form and evenness of colour after only 2-3 procedures. The modern equipment uses non-toxic sterile hypoallergenic materials. The procedure itself is
completely pain free as a topical anesthetic is used to numb the skin.

It is the ideal gift for today’s busy woman!

What can Semi – Permanent Make – Up do for you?

Permanent eyebrows are for people who:
want more of a brows arch to look younger and more attractive, want to intensify their eyebrows, have a Sufferers from Alopecia or other hair loss problems and can’t grow eyebrows.

Properly designed eyebrows can:

  • Pull apart close set eyes
  • Bring together wideset eyes
  • Make a long face look more oval
  • Make a round face seem narrower.

Permanent eyeliner is for people who:

Are allergy sufferers who react to conventional cosmetic products to regular makeup but like to look their best at all times, can’t see well enough without glasses to apply eyeliner.

Properly designed eyeliner can:

  • Make wide – eyes appear more normal
  • Make close – set eyes appear further apart
  • Make narrow eyes seem wider
  • Powder Brows €240
  • Up to 2 months €60
  • 2-6 months €80
  • 6-12 months €120
  • 12-18 months €190
  • 18-24 months €220
  • Shadow Eyeliner €220
  • Shadow Eyeliner Touch Up – up to 2 months €60
  • Shadow Eyeliner Touch Up – 2 – 12 months €120
  • Shadow Eyeliner Touch Up – 12-18 months €170
  • Shadow Eyeliner Touch Up – 18-24 months €200
  • Classic Eyeliner €190
  • Classic Eyeliner Touch Up – up to 2 months €60
  • Classic Eyeliner Touch Up – 2-12 months €120
  • Classic Eyeliner Touch Up – 12-18 months €170
  • Classic Eyeliner Touch Up – 18 – 24 months €180
  • Lower Eye-Lid €120
  • Eye Liner Lash Enhancement €150
  • Eye Liner Lash Enhancement Touch Up – Up to 2 Months €60
  • Eye Liner Lash Enhancement Touch Up – 2-12 Months €110