We pierce everything from ears, nose, tongue, lip, eyebrow and navel. Because we use an antiseptic spray it is almost painless.

We stock a wide range of jewels studs, bars, diamantes, rings. So what are you waiting for? Come down and try something new.


All piercing come with standard high grade titanium body jewellery, except nostril. 

General Body Piercing Aftercare 

When you get a new piercing, you must be aware that there may be some minor swelling or scarring to the area. Although not a common occurrence, some piercings have the potential to reject, or grow out. This is only a caution & you will find that only a very small amount of people are affected in this way. Should you have any concerns about your new piercing, or in the case of a problematic piercing, it is important that you contact your piercer as soon as possible as it might be the case that you would need to see the GP. 

After Care

To provide the best aftercare for your piercing, please follow the directions below: 

Wash hands with Antibacterial soap before cleaning. 

Use Saline solution or recipe sea salt with boiled warm water. 

You will want to use 1/4 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of warm water into a dixie cup or clean shot glass and submerge the piercing fully, letting it soak for 3-5 minutes. 

Clean using a clean cotton buds, soak the cotton bud with saline solution. 

Rub around the front ball, entrance to the piercing, rub around the back ball, exit of the piercing then get a new cotton bud and dry thoroughly. 

Do this every day. For 1st month clean 2-3 times then 2nd Month clean 2 times and 3rd month and onwards clean 1 time a day. 

After the period you can use a mild antibacterial soap when showering for upkeep of hygiene routine. Give your body a boost with food supplements. Vitamin B, vitamin C for the healing. Drink enough water, Water cleans your body and thus accelerates the healing. 

Sleeping position 

When healing ear piercings, sleep on your other side. Try to stay off your stomach with healing navel piercings as well. Never use table salt on your piercing. Use natural sea salt with boiled warm water. Never touch with dirty hands. Never twist or take out before the piercing is fully healed as this can rip the channel that is being created and the healing process will start over and greatly extended the healing period and may cause damage. For eyebrows ears try keep hair away from fresh piercings as hair carries a lot of oils and microscopic bacterial organisms. The more you leave your piercing alone, the faster and better it will heal.

NameApproximate Healing Time
Cartilage4 months - 1 year
Ear Lobe4-6 weeks
Eyebrow6-8 weeks
Labret6-8 weeks
Lip6-8 weeks
Navel6 months - 1 year
Nipple (Male)2-3months
Nipple (Female)2-3months
Septum6-8 weeks
Tongue4-6 weeks
  • Downsizing after all piercing €5
  • Remover of jewellery €5
  • Changing jewellery €5
  • Belly button €30
  • Medusa €30
  • Vertical labret €30
  • Helix €30
  • Industrial €40
  • Rook (etc)… €30
  • Tragus €30
  • Eyebrow €40
  • Lip €30
  • Tongue €50
  • Nose €30
  • Ear (lobe) €25